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Colombia La Luisa Pomegranate

~ PomFusion ~


Flavour notes: Berry sherbet, elderflower, pomelo, violet. Incredibly sweet and complex coffee. Flavour explosion, perfect for a summer party.


Origin: Colombia

Region: Antioquia

Farm: La Luisa

Producer: Juan Pablo Velez

Process: Anaerobic fermentation with pomegranate juice & honey process

Altitude: 1720 masl

Varietal: Caturra

Green coffee importer: Covoya Specialty Coffee


Get PomFused with us! Why PomFused, you might say? Well, keep reading, we’ll explain. 


Imagine this: Sweet berry sherbet swirls with the tang of pomelo, all kissed by the delicate floral notes of violet and elderflower. Among many other flavours, we taste pineapple, lavender, passion fruit, strawberry laces, pear drops (surprisingly, no pomegranate). It’s like a summer garden party in a cup, even if the British weather lets you down. 


What is confusing ~ PomFusing ~ about this coffee is its complexity and variability. Try a few different grind sizes, it will always taste great!


This special pomegranate infused fermentation lot is sourced from producer Juan Pablo Velez and his farm Finca La Luisa. Sitting at an impressive elevation of 1720 masl, La Luisa is a large 70 hectare estate located near the village of San Bernardo de los Farallones, Ciudad Bolívar, in the region of Antioquia.


This coffee was processed using a combination of anaerobic fermentation with added fresh pomegranate juice along with the honey method. First, ripe cherries are hand-selected and then undergo a 72-hour anaerobic fermentation in plastic tanks with added pomegranate pulp and juice. CO2 is added to displace the oxygen, creating an anoxic environment. After fermentation the cherries are then de-pulped and, with the mucilage still intact, dried on raised African beds. The temperature is kept below 35°C until they reach the ideal humidity level (12%).

Colombia La Luisa - PomFusion

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