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Guatemala La Soledad


Flavour notes: Red berries, Caramel, Winey - Sparkly, Sweet & Juicy

Region: Acatenango/Chimaltenango

Farm: La Soledad

Producer: Raul Perez

Process: Washed (96h fermentation)

Altitude: 1650 masl

Varietal: Caturra

Green coffee importer: 88 Graines


Finca La Soledad has been part of the Perez family for five generations. The farm is located in the green heart of Acatenango region. Its unique microclimate and rich volcanic soil makes it a perfect combination for growing high quality coffee with a very distinct profile.


Henio and his two sons, Raul and Jose have been working together with a focus on constantly developing and improving their processing standards to achieve the coffee’s maximum quality potential.


They have been able to set high standards and examples not only for the Guatemalan coffee producers and coffee community but also share their knowledge with coffee roasters from around the world.


The farm has 90ha and from that 45ha form coffee plantation and the rest is kept as natural forest preserve. The Perez family also started growing avocados which helps to diversify their income as well as the natural environment.


Finca La Soledad is well known for the longevity of their coffee. They make sure that with process applied they will maintain the highest possible quality for a long period of time.


They use a traditional washed method of processing and everything is done manually from picking to drying. They have been experimenting with other methods of processing to achieve new flavour profiles and push the boundaries.


Multiple Cup Of Excellence participants and award winners gained great respect and recognition in the whole coffee chain. They never stop improving, developing and implementing new ideas to achieve excellence.



La Soledad has been experimenting not only with coffee processing but also coffee varieties. They have been working closely and conducting research with WORLD COFFEE RESEARCH and testing new varieties and conditions for coffee hybrids focusing on resistance, quality and higher productivity.


We are grateful to be able to share their inherited passion for coffee, their persistence in always aiming for a better tomorrow as well as respect for their ancestors and their inherited land.


This coffee is part of REPLANTING FARMS PROJECT

Guatemala - La Soledad

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