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Flavour notes: Mango, Red grapes, Floral - Clean distinct cup


Origin: Guatemala

Region: Huehuetenango

Producer: Diana and Hector Ovalle

Altitude: 1700 masl

Varietal: Caturra

Process: Natural

Green coffee importer: 88 Graines


El Oregano is Back: Your Favorite Cup of Guatemalan Goodness Returns!


Hey coffee lovers, remember El Oregano? That amazing cup of Guatemalan magic we brought you last year? Well guess what, it's back and ready to fuel your mornings.


Huehuetenango, Guatemala, renowned for its coffee, holds a lesser-known arid region where Diana and Hector Ovalle defy odds by cultivating coffee. Their coffee heritage dates back to the late 1800s when their ancestors settled in Aqua Dulce, Huehuetenango. Initially, they attempted sugarcane farming without much success but later transitioned to coffee, igniting a lasting family passion.


Diana and Hector are deeply committed to their community, supporting those reliant on coffee production by purchasing 150 sheep, which not only keep their farms weed-free but also provide meat for workers. They also cultivate trees bearing nutritious seeds and fruits for their local community.


Their coffee production approach focuses on maximum efficiency and sustainability, and it's a delight to collaborate closely with the Ovalles to develop a model that not only rewards quality but also aligns with current coffee market trends.


El Oregano coffee farm gets its name from its historical cultivation of oregano plants. Despite its arid climate, it offers remarkable views. The farm employs an innovative irrigation system that utilizes river water, ensuring each row of coffee trees receives life-sustaining hydration. Additionally, El Oregano features a well-maintained nursery with a diverse range of coffee cultivars. Their specialty lies in honeys and naturals, celebrated for their deep, fruity flavours.



This coffee is part of REPLANTING FARMS PROJECT


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