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Flavour notes:

Mirabelle plums, maple syrup and lemon balm. Floral, tea-like and clean, sweet with bright acidity.


Origin: Ethiopia

Region: Sidama/ Bensa/ Bombe and Shantawene Village

Processing Station: Buncho

Producer: Asefa Dukamo Korma

Process: Natural

SCA score: 87

Altitude: 1920 - 2020 masl

Varietal: 74158

Green coffee importer: Coffee Legends


Experience the rich heritage and vibrant flavours of Ethiopia, sourced from the renowned Buncho washing station in the heart of Sidama. You can expect a floral-forward cup with a mellow mouthfeel and a delightful sweetness. The aroma and flavour profile boast of mirabelle plums, maple syrup, and lemon balm, creating a clean, tea-like experience with bright acidity.

Founded by Asefa Dukamo, a second-generation coffee farmer with a deep passion for quality, Buncho washing station collects coffee cherries from nearly 1,000 smallholder farmers in the surrounding villages. These dedicated growers cultivate their coffee on plots averaging just 5 hectares, fostering a unique diversity of flavours in every cup.


Daye Bensa, the company behind Buncho Washing Station, prioritises sustainable practices. The smallholder farmers typically don't use fertilisers or pesticides, resulting in a truly natural and eco-friendly coffee. Buncho also plays a vital role in supporting the local community by providing a reliable market for freshly harvested cherries, reducing transportation costs and ensuring fair compensation for the farmers' hard work.


This coffee represents more than just a delicious beverage. It's a testament to the dedication of Asefa Dukamo and the hundreds of smallholder farmers who pour their passion into cultivating these exceptional beans.

Ethiopia Sidama Buncho

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