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Flavour notes:

Blackberry liqueur, damson jam & grapefruit. Pleasant, deep and full-bodied with a sweet long aftertaste.


Origin: Ethiopia

Region: Sidama/ Bensa / Rumudamo

Processing Station: Rumudamo village

Producer: Asefa Dukamo Korma Process: Natural

SCA score: 88.5

Altitude: 1920 – 2330 masl

Varietal: 74112, Heirloom

Green coffee importer: Coffee Legends



Nestled in Ethiopia's Sidama zone, Arbegona boasts the perfect climate for coffee cultivation, thanks to its high altitude (around 2200 metres). Rumudamo, a station in this area, partners with 600 local farmers and cultivates its own coffee beans on 840 hectares of land. Every year, they harvest a staggering 350,000 kilograms, primarily processed into washed coffee with a smaller portion done naturally. Coffee is the main cash crop in this area, though many other crops grow here, such as sugar cane, spices, and vegetables.


The coffee available in this area is categorised as Highland Coffee and has won many Cup of Excellence awards. This particular coffee has an amazing 88.5 SCA score.

Ethiopia Sidama Rumudamo

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