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Rwanda Gasharu Anaerobic Natural


Flavour notes: Dried mango, strawberry candy, rich chocolate. Jammy & funky.


Origin: Rwanda

Region: Wimana, Western Province

Farm: Smallholder farmers

Producer: Gasharu Coffee

Process: Anaerobic natural (72 hour anaerobic cherry fermentation)

Altitude: 1600 - 2100 masl

Varietal: Bourbon

Green coffee importer: Covoya



For the last 10 years, Rwandan specialty coffees consistently rank among the finest in the world. This anaerobic natural processed lot is from Gasharu washing station Wimana on the shores of Lake Kivu, Nyamasheke-Gatare district, Western Rwanda. Gasharu works with 1,075 smallholder farmers in the region, which is just a stone's throw from Nyungwe Forest National Park, one of the largest and best preserved mountain rainforests in central Africa.


Gasharu coffee is managed by Valentin Kamenyi. Growing up in rural Rwanda in the 1990s, coffee had a mythical quality to it. "I was told coffee beans were sold abroad to make bullets. This was intriguing to me as I always imagined bullets to be magical, small and yet so noisy and powerful,” he recalls. Of course these childhood tales are now a thing of the past, yet coffee still carries special significance to him as the heart of his community.


Ripe cherries are carefully selected, first by hand and then by floatation. The cherries are then dried in the sun on raised African beds for 30-40 days depending on the weather. During this period the coffee is sorted by hand to remove any physical defects and is regularly turned to ensure even drying and prevent over fermentation or mould formation. The coffee is covered during rain or midday sun to protect it from damage.


Every day the quality controller tests the relative humidity until a value of 12% is reached, after which the coffee is bagged and stored in a cool, dry warehouse to rest pending secondary processing (hulling, grading, sorting etc.).

Rwanda Gasharu Anaerobic Natural

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