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Flavour notes: Strawberry, mandarin, red berries and milk chocolate.


Origin: Brazil

Region: Pedralva, Minas Gerais

Farm: Sitio Rocinha

Producer: Demetrio Flaviano de Oliveira

Process: Natural

Altitude: 1080 masl

Varietal: Red Catuai

Green coffee importer: Unic Coffee


Our very first coffee sourced through Unic Coffee! Unic Coffee is devoted to adding value and encouraging the production of rare and surprising coffees. At the same time, their coffee producers are seeking continuous excellence in producing highly differentiated coffees.



Meet a lovely natural Brazilian with an SCA cup score of 87 which guarantees an amazing coffee experience. This coffee combines milk chocolate sweetness, dried fruit complexity, and bright strawberry and mandarin orange notes. It evolves with dark chocolate and plum, finishing with a subtle hint of red berry and molasses syrup. Its silky texture and clean profile ensure a consistently improving, balanced coffee experience.



Farm Sitio Rocinha has a rich history that dates back to 1962 when it was acquired by Demetrio's father. The journey of coffee cultivation on this land commenced in 1970 and has since been a cherished tradition handed down through generations. Over the years, coffee has not only remained close to their hearts but has also become the primary source of livelihood for Demetrio's family.



"We are always dedicated to cultivating coffee sustainably, preserving and respecting the environment"



Brazil - Sitio Rocinha

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