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Flavour notes: Caramel biscuits, pomelo and mandarin orange. Bright and



Origin: Brazil

Region: Santa Rita do Sapucaí, Minas Gerais, Brazil Farm: Santo Antonio II

Producer: Alexander Menezes Alckmin

Process: Natural

Altitude: 1200 masl

Varietal: Red Catuai

Green coffee importer: Unic Coffee


Farm Santo Antonio II

The Moreira and Alckmin families have a long history of coffee farming in Southern Minas Gerais, Brazil. They have been producing coffee for over five generations and now operate under the name M&A Coffees. Their farms are situated in the Mantiqueira de Minas region, a renowned area for growing high-quality coffee. They cultivate over 600 hectares of arabica coffee, producing natural, washed, and fermented specialty coffees that are rated between 80 and 90 points on the SCA scale.


This coffee scores 85 on the SCA scale and blends caramel sweetness with citrus brightness, primarily featuring mandarin orange and lemon notes. A subtle touch of pomelo and biscuity undertones adds complexity.


Brazil - Santo Antonio

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